Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Deacon George’s Homily for 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

From St Matthew, we hear the jewel of the Gospel, the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes are the blueprint for the kingdom of God.  They are the ideals by which God’s people should live out their lives.  And the best example of living out the Beatitudes, is Jesus’ own life.  In his living out the Beatitudes, Jesus gives up power and prestige, in order to follow the way of the powerless.  He is gentle and compassionate, with those whom the world rights off as hopeless cases.  He mourns, when he sees people prefer blindness, when God is in their presence.  He experiences hunger, not the hunger satisfied by food, but the hunger for what is right.  He scandalises the religious authorities, but is always ready, with mercy and forgiveness.  He is single minded in pursuing his mission of making peace between God and humanity, undeterred, in times of hurt and terror.  In the end he is abused, persecuted, and handed over to death, dying on the Cross, for what he believes in…..

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Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the last few weeks I have gazed thoughtfully at the river and wondered how high it was going to go. I have even been over to the Environmental agency office to see how the flood defences are coming along.  They were actually very helpful and knowledgeable about it all.  A friend suggested that if I was that worried I should sit in the river like King Canute and tell it not to get too high.  (With about as much success as King Canute I should think.)  And in a positive way this makes me think about Climate Change.  (I had to do a ‘thought for the day’ for Radio Cumbria this weekend and this was my theme.)  I know the thought of Climate Change usually depresses people, but there is another way of looking at it……

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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


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Deacon George’s Homily for 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Gospels provide us with a great deal of information about the human Person of Christ.  They provide enough information, to enable someone to write his biography.  However, in today’s Gospel reading, there are two important declarations that reinforce each other, for they establish the divine element of the Person of Christ.  “Look, there is the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.”  And “I saw the Spirit coming down on him from heaven like a dove and resting on him.”  Whatever John the Baptist had intended, the Apostle John wants us today, to ponder on the divinity of Christ.  Yes, Jesus is human just like us, having a normal human body, but most importantly, he is actually God himself, who has existed since the beginning of time.  Remember, John’s words on Christmas Day, “In the beginning was the Word: the Word was with God and the Word was God…..

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Baptism of the Lord

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for Baptism of the Lord

What is the limit of Jesus’s reach?  What is his aim?  For traditional Jews the aim of the Messiah was the renewal of the people of Israel.  Later in Matthew’s gospel, when he meets the Canaanite woman and he is doubtful about contact with a Gentile she begs for the scraps for others too, and he seems to have reflected on the breadth of his mission at this point.  Matthew is writing for a community whose background was strongly Jewish and as we see in Paul’s writings many wanted to stick closer to Judaism, but the writer wants them to reflect on their openness to Gentiles too.  So Matthew starts his gospel with two stories that are strongly about Jesus’ worldwide mission.  Obviously the feast of the Epiphany we have just had with the wise men from other nations in the east.  But though it is not so obvious, his baptism is about this as well….

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Mary Mother of God

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A Pastoral Letter from the Bishop of Lancaster.

My dear people, Holy Mother Church gives us the tradition of beginning each new calendar year with the celebration of Mary, Holy Mother of God. Holiness is a word that is often misunderstood. As we begin a new year let us see if we can help to put that right, both for ourselves and for those with whom we live.  Anyone fortunate enough to have had a devoted mother learns from their earliest years what a blessing they have been given. Lessons continue throughout our lives up to and even beyond the time when we lose them in death. The memory of them can bring us much consolation as we reflect on all they have done for us, all the sacrifices they made for us…..


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Fourth Sunday of Advent

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for 4th Sunday of Advent

Because I love history I would love to go into lengthy detail about Ahaz (from the first reading) and his relationship with the Assyrian Emperor Tiglath Pileser III.  But I won’t, you will be glad to hear, but you have to admit the emperor has a great name.  What stands out from Ahaz is simply that when God speaks to him his answer is, ‘No.’  Now turn to the gospel.  And Matthew is different in that the main character in his story here, besides Jesus, is Joseph, not Mary.  Now when God speaks to Joseph through the angel, even though it is putting Joseph, a righteous man, in a very difficult position, what does Joseph do? ‘When Joseph woke up he did what the angel of the Lord had told him to do: he took his wife to his home.’….

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Third Sunday of Advent

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Deacon George’s Homily for 3rd Sunday of Advent

John the Baptist has openly denounced Herod because he had divorced his own wife and married his brother’s wife, Herodias. Herod had John thrown into Machaerus, a fortress east of the Dead Sea. And we know that John is not released from prison except for his head on a plate for Herod.  John the Baptist is confused because he preached that the One, would come as a strict judge who would bring a fiery judgement, a dispenser of wrath from whom people would have to flee. Instead, he hears that Jesus heals the sick, blesses the gentle and peacemakers; Jesus tells people to not judge each other but indeed love their enemies; and Jesus does not require his disciples to fast like John’s disciples do. Jesus’ Messiahship is a world away from that imagined by John…..

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