Third Sunday of Advent

advent-clip-art-32Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice! 

John the Baptist leapt for joy in his mother’s womb when Elizabeth received a visit from Mary. He was the Forerunner; the one who said that the Messiah was coming. He is the one who pointed to Jesus and called Him the Lamb of God. He was the one who lived as a radical prophet, wearing animal skins and eating locusts and demanding a radical change in the way people lived. Our generation likes to close both its eyes and ears to this aspect of John’s life, but it is this aspect, this demand for continual and radical change, that has fascinated people for centuries. We seem to let the sentimentality of Christmas get in the way of John’s prophetic call to repent. Advent calls us to repentance as a prelude to true rejoicing. It is a time for us to develop and nurture our prayer lives. In the madness society creates during Advent let us make some quiet time to listen to the word of the Lord and to speak to the Lord in prayer, giving Him time each day. For in His presence we too will leap for joy and so rejoice in all He has done, and all He continues to do, for us.

Christmas flowers

Last day for CHRISTMAS FLOWERS DONATIONS in memory of loved ones is Wednesday 18th December. Thank you.



Carol singing


PARISH CAROL SINGING at Sainsburys on Saturday 21st December, 2 – 4.30pm and Morrisons on Monday 23rd from 4 – 6.30pm. All welcome to come along, sing, hit a tambourine, or shake a bucket! Proceeds to CAFOD


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Second Sunday in Advent

advent-clip-art-28St John the Baptist calls out not just to the people of his time who longed for the Messiah but to people of all times who experience the desperation and darkness of a world that rejects God.  Joy and light are to be found in Jesus Christ, the Messiah.  John is calling us to prepare, prepare ourselves, prepare our children, and prepare the world for its Saviour.  We prepare ourselves by rooting out the darkness of our lives.  That is why we strive go to confession during Advent.  We want to clean the house for company, Special Company, the Presence of the Lord.  We prepare the world for its Saviour by emphasizing the reason for the celebration.  So why not this Christmastime don’t just say, “Happy Christmas” but rather invite family and friends to join you at Mass on Christmas Day; where, as parishioners, each of us, can welcome visitors warmly.  We are in preparation mode, preparing not only for the fun of the celebration but preparing for the Lord to come among us.  May our preparations let us see the salvation of our God.


Christmas candlePARISH CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE SUNDAY 15th DECEMBER 4PM All welcome and please join us in the parish centre afterwards for mince pies & mulled wine.


HYNING DAY OF RECOLLECTION: Saturday 14th December, 10.30am – 3pm.  All are welcome to come along to Hyning for a quiet day with time for a little input and plenty of time for prayer.  Please sign up at the back of church if you’d like to join us.  Bring your own packed lunch.      Fr Hugh

Bulletin 8th December 2019

First Sunday of Advent

1st AdvebtAdvent begins with two very positive readings and a warning.  Jeremiah speaks to a people decimated by their enemies.  The Babylonians had captured many of them and exiled them to Babylon.  The Hebrews knew they had sinned; was the exile the result of their sins, had God totally deserted them?  Jeremiah reassures them: No!  God has not given up on them.  The time was coming when a righteous shoot of David would lead them, and Jerusalem would be made safe.  St Paul tells the Thessalonians – anxious that the Lord would come soon – that all they have to do is abound in love for one another and thus be blameless before God at the Lord’s coming.  These are comforting words, particularly in light of Jesus’ warnings in the Gospel where He speaks of dread-filled signs in the heavens and of death.  He adds that when we see the Son of Man coming on the clouds with power and great glory, we should be ready, lifting our heads, because our redemption is at hand.  Waiting for the Lord to come again is the focus of this first week of Advent.  This waiting for the Lord demands that we make the best use of the time we have before He comes.

HYNING DAY OF RECOLLECTION will be on Saturday 14th December from 10.30am until 3pm.  All are welcome to come along to Hyning for a quiet day with time for a little input and plenty of time for prayer.  Please bring your own packed lunch and put your name on the list in church.

THURSDAY CLUB CHRISTMAS AFTERNOON TEA –  The Thursday Club are inviting all senior parishioners and their friends to come along for tea and entertainment on Thursday 12th December in the parish centre from 2pm until about 3.30pm.  If you need transport please put your name and contact on the sign-up sheet at the back of church or contact the parish office.


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Christ The King

National Youth Sunday was celebrated this weekend with the young people in our parish and community and all the gifts and talents they share with us.  The young people helped to prepare readings, music and prayers for the 10am Mass below.  Please keep them in your prayers.






 All hail, Redeemer, hail!  For You have died for me!

Today we celebrate Jesus Christ, the King of kings.  Jesus’ only focus was serving God. He showed us how to serve God as He healed the sick, raised the dead, and called others to do works of charity. Immediately before He gave us the Eucharist, He washed the feet of His disciples and told them, and tells us, that what we see Him do, we also must do.  The gift of the Eucharist itself is the Body that is given up for us and the Blood that is shed for us.  When we are united to Him in communion we are united to the one who is calling us to give our bodies and blood up for others in service to the Father.  We are confronted with choices throughout our lives.  We can make political choices; those choices which will bring us the greatest popularity among others, or, we can make the Christian choice, the choice that would make the presence of the Kingdom a reality in our world.  Jesus Christ is our King.  He is the King who frees us from political choices.  We can, and we must serve Him in all we do and say; we must serve Him by living our faith each day.


CENACOLO COMMUNITY OPEN DAY at Dodding Green on Saturday 30th November with Rosary from 10am.  Holy Mass will be at 12 noon followed by lunch.  After lunch there will be testimonies, concluding with the Open Air Nativity presentation at around 5pm.  We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!


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Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

The_temple_of_Solomon_at_Jerusalem.Today’s gospel begins with the disciples marvelling at the glory of the Temple; it must have been truly wonderful to see. It had taken fifty years for Herod to rebuild the Temple. Solomon’s original Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 588 BC, when the Israelites returned to Jerusalem in around 528 BC the people first had to rebuilding their homes, it took about fifteen years for them to begin building a new Temple. In 26 B.C. Herod decided to restore the Temple to the Glory of Solomon’s Day. The work on the Temple had just been completed when Jesus’ disciples looked on amazed at the precious stones and votive offerings. In response to their wonder Jesus said to them it really doesn’t matter, it’s all going to come to a ruin anyway. The voice of the Lord rings out: But before all this happens… that will be your opportunity to bear witness. Jesus challenges us to stand up for Him, His kingdom and the Christian way of life in a self-centred world: Your endurance will win you your lives. We are, each of us, Temples of the God’s Holy Spirit and as such we bear witness to Him in our daily lives. Let us pray for the grace to endure any trials that are essential to our witness of Jesus Christ.

WINTER SHELTER: The Winter Shelter desperately needs more volunteers on Friday nights at Sandylands Methodist & Saturday nights here in our parish centre. If we don’t get more volunteers it may be that we aren’t able to open on those two nights. Firstly we need helpers to open and set up at 6pm, cook a meal and act as welcomers, usually leaving about 10pm if not before. We will also occasionally need volunteers to sleep over with those who come in. You would not be asked to do every weekend but maybe a few weekends when you are available throughout December, January & February. There will be a rota on the table at the back of church and if you can help please sign up. Thank you for your support.  Fr Hugh

YOUTH SUNDAY PREPARATION MEETING: WEDNESDAY 20TH NOVEMBER. This will be celebrated in church next Sunday, 24th November, at 10am Mass. We would love as many children and young people as possible to be involved! There will be a preparation meeting for children and young people on Wednesday 20th November from 4 pm – 5.30pm in the parish centre. This will include a ‘chip buttie’ supper for everyone! Please come along if you can or if you can’t make the preparation meeting, please do come along to the Mass and be part of this special celebration! Please speak to Mary Biddle or Fr. Hugh for any more information.

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