Second Sunday in Advent

advent-clip-art-28St John the Baptist calls out not just to the people of his time who longed for the Messiah but to people of all times who experience the desperation and darkness of a world that rejects God.  Joy and light are to be found in Jesus Christ, the Messiah.  John is calling us to prepare, prepare ourselves, prepare our children, and prepare the world for its Saviour.  We prepare ourselves by rooting out the darkness of our lives.  That is why we strive go to confession during Advent.  We want to clean the house for company, Special Company, the Presence of the Lord.  We prepare the world for its Saviour by emphasizing the reason for the celebration.  So why not this Christmastime don’t just say, “Happy Christmas” but rather invite family and friends to join you at Mass on Christmas Day; where, as parishioners, each of us, can welcome visitors warmly.  We are in preparation mode, preparing not only for the fun of the celebration but preparing for the Lord to come among us.  May our preparations let us see the salvation of our God.


Christmas candlePARISH CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE SUNDAY 15th DECEMBER 4PM All welcome and please join us in the parish centre afterwards for mince pies & mulled wine.


HYNING DAY OF RECOLLECTION: Saturday 14th December, 10.30am – 3pm.  All are welcome to come along to Hyning for a quiet day with time for a little input and plenty of time for prayer.  Please sign up at the back of church if you’d like to join us.  Bring your own packed lunch.      Fr Hugh

Bulletin 8th December 2019