First Sunday of Advent

1st AdvebtAdvent begins with two very positive readings and a warning.  Jeremiah speaks to a people decimated by their enemies.  The Babylonians had captured many of them and exiled them to Babylon.  The Hebrews knew they had sinned; was the exile the result of their sins, had God totally deserted them?  Jeremiah reassures them: No!  God has not given up on them.  The time was coming when a righteous shoot of David would lead them, and Jerusalem would be made safe.  St Paul tells the Thessalonians – anxious that the Lord would come soon – that all they have to do is abound in love for one another and thus be blameless before God at the Lord’s coming.  These are comforting words, particularly in light of Jesus’ warnings in the Gospel where He speaks of dread-filled signs in the heavens and of death.  He adds that when we see the Son of Man coming on the clouds with power and great glory, we should be ready, lifting our heads, because our redemption is at hand.  Waiting for the Lord to come again is the focus of this first week of Advent.  This waiting for the Lord demands that we make the best use of the time we have before He comes.

HYNING DAY OF RECOLLECTION will be on Saturday 14th December from 10.30am until 3pm.  All are welcome to come along to Hyning for a quiet day with time for a little input and plenty of time for prayer.  Please bring your own packed lunch and put your name on the list in church.

THURSDAY CLUB CHRISTMAS AFTERNOON TEA –  The Thursday Club are inviting all senior parishioners and their friends to come along for tea and entertainment on Thursday 12th December in the parish centre from 2pm until about 3.30pm.  If you need transport please put your name and contact on the sign-up sheet at the back of church or contact the parish office.


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