The Baptism of the Lord

Baptism of the LordJesus saw John baptizing.  He saw people there with John, sincere people, responding to John’s call to plunge into a new way of living. Jesus went down into the water and was baptized.  And the voice from heaven rang out, “This is my Beloved Son with Whom I am well pleased.”   Take the plunge!  All of us have to seize the day to take advantage of the moments that God gives us to allow us to change our lives and His world. We seize the day to prepare for tomorrow. There are many graced moments in our lives.  There are many times that we can allow God to draw us closer to Him. Some of these times are obvious, like confirmation, marriage, the celebration of the critical moments in the faith life of our children and grandchildren.  There are other times that might not seem so obvious, ordinary times when we are called to make the ordinary extraordinary by seizing the day, respond to God’s call and plunge into the river.  We are called to seize the day and be One with all who are seeking the Kingdom of God.  May Jesus, baptized by John, give us the courage to join Him in the Jordan River.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNIONS 2020 – The first meeting, which is for the parents of the First Holy Communion children, is on Wednesday 15th January at 7.30pm in the parish centre.   We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Download Bulletin 12th January 2020