Thirty First Sunday in Ordinary Time

Hole_zachaeus_in_treeNo longer lost for today salvation has come to this house! Sometimes we can feel as though we are just going through the motions of living a proper Christian life.  Perhaps in such moment today’s Gospel can help us.  When we walk in through the doors of the church, we are taking steps to try to get a fresh glimpse of Jesus.  Our walking through the church door can be like Zacchaeus climbing the sycamore tree to get a good view as Jesus passes by.    Like Zacchaeus we don’t expect Jesus to notice us. We certainly don’t expect Jesus to single us out from the crowd; but discreetly, He does.  He stands beneath the tree we have climbed and He calls us by name; He invites us to join Him.  He wants us to be at one with Him, and with ourselves.  When we feel lost in a crowd, Jesus is there, watching and waiting for us to come to Him. If Jesus seems distant to us, it’s usually because we are not hearing His call or because other things are getting in the way and blocking our view.  Let’s ask Jesus to rid us of any distractions that prevent us from seeing and listening to Him.


Papyrus-new-logo-July-2018George Airey will be giving a talk after the Gospel at 10am Mass on Sunday 4th November.  George completed the Camino (with Marian) in memory of her late daughter Sophie who took her own life in December 2018. George has selected some beautiful images and created a poster and calendars to raise awareness of, and funding for PAPYRUS, the national charity devoted to the prevention of young suicide.  Please support their work through the purchase of a beautiful gift!  Thank you.


whitepoppyWhite Peace Poppies will be available at Masses this weekend. The tradition started in the 1930’s when war widows and others wanted future conflicts to be resolved without violence. The net cost of a poppy is 60 pence. Any extra money raised will be sent to the Peace Pledge Union.


Download Bulletin 3rd November 2019