Climate Change Lobby

Seven of us met up at Oxenholme Station and set off to lobby MPs in London about climate change.

We were going to join the Cafod delegation of the Climate Change Coalition and see if we could keep climate change at the forefront of MPs minds even with Brexit and Party leadership battles going on. To remind them that this is far more important than any of that.

The target is to get greenhouse gas emissions down to net zero by 2045, though some hope to reduce it faster. Mrs. May has of course promised much, which is wonderful, but the next leader has to be as keen as she now seems to be.

We met up with three more at Lancaster and then finally in London with the coach loads that had come from all over the country, including two from Preston. Young people have already been leading much of the campaign after the stirring words of Greta Thunberg and many were there.

We arrived a little late but tubed down to Trafalgar Square and were there in time to join the Walk of Witness as it set off to Parliament Square, down Whitehall and past Downing Street. Plenty of banners and chanting, especially from the younger members, all enthusiastic.

Just beyond Parliament Square is Church House and there we joined the Interfaith Forum that they had held for us. Rowan Williams spoke about the irrationality of not changing our way of life to save the planet we live on. The Muslim speaker spoke about how the Quran calls on us to live justly and in harmony with God’s gift of creation, there was a Buddhist often on Radio Four, a rabbi who told an ancient story about how we are attacking the planet as some scripture characters attacked God’s animals in the scriptures. Most movingly a young Quaker, who gave examples of how she is trying to change her life in the face of climate change.

We were late by then and raced off to Parliament Green to meet Tim Farron, our MP,IMG-0881 who was already in full flow when we got there and answering questions from a variety of groups from the constituency, and very well indeed.  He is very much on side.  He had already been to the children’s section to greet the impressive children from Grasmere School.

Around us MPs were meeting with people from all over the country.  Some met their MPs inside Parliament instead.  Different MPs passed us including Rory Stewart.

About 16,000 people gathered and around a good number of MPs but sadly not all by any means.

Having achieved our aim for that day, we wandered back to Euston after a picnic lunch, on a glorious day passing through St. James’s Park, by Buckingham Palace, through Green Park, and once more onto the tube.