Pentecost 1PENTECOST: We are going to celebrate Pentecost this weekend as a Creation Day using the theme ‘Send forth your spirit and renew the face of the earth’. After the 10am Mass we are having a small picnic on the grass opposite the church (or parish centre depending on the weather). Please join us if you can.

LIVE SIMPLY GROUP: A base group has now met and we are hoping to involve as many of the parish as we can in this. We are not going to have a parish meeting on Sat 22nd June as it is the Kendal Unity Festival but we will at some later date. This Sunday there is a questionnaire in the bulletin about how we are already ‘Living Simply’. It would be a great help if you could fill this in so we can get a feel for how much we are already doing in the parish with regard to climate change. Thank you.

Download Bulletin 9th June 2019