Easter Sunday

HTSGfront_crop1Welcome to Holy Trinity and St George

20th-21st April Masses: Holy Saturday Vigil 9pm; Easter Sunday 10am, 12 noon (at Sedbergh) NO 6pm Mass

Thank you all so much for all your help over the Easter ceremonies, for all those who were involved in the preparations and those who came and participated. Thank you as ever for your kind and generous gifts as well. I will keep you all in my prayers. Christ is risen. Alleluia! Fr Hugh

Baptism on Easter Sunday


Easter Sunday 2019_edited


Easter Monday flowersEASTER FLOWERS IN MEMORY OF: Dara O’Lochlainn, Clarke & Walters family & friends, Trevor Alderson, Frances & Des Kinley, Mary C Stoker, Carlisle family, John Peters, Tony Dodd, Bob & Peggy Sharpe, Joe & Mary Blamire, Jim Barlow, Boyle & Neil families, Stewart & Ward families, Raymond & John Shepherd, Cashel & Kelly family and friends, Edith Smith, Julia & Paul Vine, Tom Walmsley, L & M A Cook family, Harold & Esme Jenkins, Des & Sarah Cookson, Armer & Bowman families, Frank McAvoy, Janet & Billy Stewart, Anne Loveland, Kathleen Bell, Thomas & Mary Alice Flanagan, John & Doris Graham, Dorothy Stephenson, Jack Brookes, Noblett & Lomax families, Wilfred Holloway & Richens & Holloway families, Olga Whenray & Jo de Palma, Ned Williams & Ethel Thompson, Andrew & Margaret Welch, Goundry & Hudson families, John Hallac, Stanley & Hannah Herbert, Hubert & Rachel Croasdell, Herbert, Dover, Croasdell & D’Souza families, Roger Bidwell, Arthur O’Flaherty, Isabella & Herbert Norris.

MON 22nd 10.00 am: NO Christian Meditation Group (resume 6th May)

WED 24th 6.00 pm: First Holy Communion Session 3, 7.30 pm: NO Prayer Meeting (resume 1st May)

THURS 25th 10.00 am: Cenacolo Prayers & Meeting 2.00 pm: Thursday Club

SUN 28th 10.00 am: Children’s Liturgy 11.00 am: Prayer Ministry 4.00 pm: Confirmation Group Session 3


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