First Sunday in Lent

Masses 9th-10th March:  Saturday Vigil 6pm; Sunday 10am and 6pm; 12 noon (at Sedbergh)

LENT PREPARATION: We have two items to help with preparation for Lent. One is the Lent Extra book from the Redemptorists and the other is a Lent Guide leaflet which is based on Live Simply principles. Copies are at the back of church so please take one for each family.

LENTEN SOUP will be served in the parish centre on Friday 15th March after 12.15pm Mass. Volunteers still needed please to provide and serve soup through Lent – it doesn’t need to be homemade! Please sign up on the sheet in the porch. Many thanks.

SUNDAY 10th 10.00 am: Children’s Liturgy 11.00 am: Prayer Ministry

MONDAY 11th 10.00 am: Christian Meditation Group

TUESDAY 12th 7.30 pm: RCIA Meeting

WEDNESDAY 13th 7.30 pm: Prayer Meeting

THURSDAY 14th 10.00 am: Cenacolo Prayers & Meeting 2.00 pm: Thursday Club 7.30 pm: St Luke Study

FRIDAY 15th 12.45 pm: Lent Soup – Maureen & Dennis – thank you

SATURDAY 16th 9.30 – 11am: Catch Up Club (Yr 7 & 8) 11.30 – 1pm: Step Up Club (Yr 9 & 10)

SUNDAY 17th 10.00 am: Children’s Liturgy 11.00 am: Prayer Ministry 4.00 pm: Confirmations Session 1


Download Bulletin 10th March 2019