Most Holy Trinity

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for Most Holy Trinity

Set in Marseilles in 1940 and ’41, before America has joined in the war, there is a film and a book, about the American Consulate.  Their aim is to get as many artists and painters, who are threatened by the Germans and Vichy French, out of the country.  Many Jews, some communists and others the Nazis have banned.  None of this is easy.  The under-Consul (his boss does not approve) deals with the legal stuff such as visas for the US.  There is a rich, elegant and good looking American woman who can worm her way into all sorts of places who can charm vital information out of people and cover for others.  And there are a couple of refugees themselves who can liaise with those in danger, but who are always under threat of death themselves.  Each in their own way working together, working to save those in hiding.  Looking at our readings today on this feast of the Trinity.  What can they tell us about the Trinity? ….

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