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Fr Hugh’s Homily for Pentecost Sunday 2023

We’ve been talking about the Holy Spirit over the last few weeks.  In various ways we’ve been trying to work out who this Holy Spirit is.  What does the Spirit do for us?  (Beings human beings that is often how we approach a question as ‘How do I benefit?’)  And sometimes the word ‘mystery’ has been used, which basically means we do not have all the answers.  What we do know is that somehow this Spirit is important.   Jesus himself was anointed by/with the Spirit in order to start his mission.  ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,’ he said.  Then off he went.  We do not think of Jesus as being afraid really, but he was human with all our feelings and so taking off from a small provincial town to start preaching was a pretty big leap for him.  But with the Spirit he can do it…..

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