Palm Sunday

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Jesus organised all the Passion events, from his entry into Jerusalem, to his gruesome death on a cross at Calvary.  His disciples are told, to go and fetch a specific colt.  And being a colt, this meant that no-one had sat on him before, Jesus was the first person to do so.  And they were told to cover its back with their clothes, as a makeshift saddle.  Jesus entered Jerusalem, not as a king with his entourage, soldiers and musicians, but humbly, riding on a donkey, with his band of followers.  Now, the day before, many of the people had seen Lazarus raised from the dead, so they knew that Jesus was someone special.  So, they waved their palm branches, and laid down their cloaks and shouted their “Hosannas” in welcome.  But we’ll see later, that all of these people turned and ran, when the going got tough…….

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