Second Sunday of Lent

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for 2nd Sunday of Lent

‘Let us build you three tents,’ says Peter.  What do you do in the face of something that you cannot possibly understand or deal with but go back to what has always been reliable.  This is the equivalent for us when we are facing something tough and saying, ‘Shall I put the kettle on?’  Peter has no idea what has just happened.  He can see it is Jesus who is his friend, but now in a way he has never seen him before, and two blokes from the past who should just not be there.  What he is looking at makes no sense.  But the thing is that he trusts Jesus.  This is possibly the farthest Jesus has gone, but Peter has sort of got used to Jesus doing the impossible while has been travelling with him.  He is getting to know Jesus….

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