First Sunday in Lent

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Pastoral Letter First Sunday of Lent 2023
My dear people, at the beginning of Lent I address you with words of encouragement, knowing that you live complex and demanding lives. I address you as people of Faith, knowing that you can find it difficult to live your Faith in Christ as you should. We all long to be closer to God, but often we sense that we are failing in so many ways. The longing to be close to the Lord will not leave you, because it is God given.  Just a few weeks ago we were wishing one another a happy new year. All too quickly the world’s realities assert themselves and our hopes for a happy 2023 have to be adjusted. The most recent global tragedy to gain our attention has been the earthquake affecting millions in Turkey and Syria. Many of you will already have made a personal contribution to help the relief work. The plight of those now homeless and bereaved and injured can help us reflect on our lives this Lent…..

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