Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Deacon George’s Homily for 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

From St Matthew, we hear the jewel of the Gospel, the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes are the blueprint for the kingdom of God.  They are the ideals by which God’s people should live out their lives.  And the best example of living out the Beatitudes, is Jesus’ own life.  In his living out the Beatitudes, Jesus gives up power and prestige, in order to follow the way of the powerless.  He is gentle and compassionate, with those whom the world rights off as hopeless cases.  He mourns, when he sees people prefer blindness, when God is in their presence.  He experiences hunger, not the hunger satisfied by food, but the hunger for what is right.  He scandalises the religious authorities, but is always ready, with mercy and forgiveness.  He is single minded in pursuing his mission of making peace between God and humanity, undeterred, in times of hurt and terror.  In the end he is abused, persecuted, and handed over to death, dying on the Cross, for what he believes in…..

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