Second Sunday of Advent

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Deacon George’s Homily for 2nd Sunday of Advent

In Israel, the great sequence of Prophets, had come to an end. For 450 years, the people were without a messenger from God. A messenger, who would challenge them with God’s word.     The people lamented that the spirit of their God had become silent. And now, God only spoke through the echo of his voice. But then along came John the Baptist the last of the great prophets. He was the one who marked the end of their time of waiting. Because, in John the Baptist, the people could see an end to God’s silence.   About thirty years earlier, an angel announced to Zechariah a priest of the Temple, that he would have a son, even though his wife Elizabeth was barren and advanced in years. And that his son was destined to be the Precursor, who would announce the arrival of the long-expected Messiah…..

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