Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Deacon George’s Homily for 27th Sunday

If we say, “It can’t be done”, then it won’t be done.  But, if we say, “it must be done” then, it most likely will be done.  If God asks us to do something then, it must be done.  And if we are doing it for God then we are not doing it alone.  Because, we are doing it with God and with all his power.  And what is this power?  It is the Holy Spirit that lives within us, a gift that God gave us, at our baptism and re-affirmed, at our confirmation.  It is the Spirit of power and love.  And with it comes, the gift of boldness.  Paul’s boldness of Spirit is rooted, in faith in God and is not silenced, by suffering.  Paul’s life and ministry was one of fearlessness, in the face of opposition.  And now, as a prisoner himself, he asks Timothy, to also bear the hardships, which fidelity to the Gospel will bring in its wake….

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