Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Download Bulletin 24th July 2022

Lord teach us to pray…  Today’s Gospel gives us St Luke’s version of the Lord’s Prayer.  The more familiar version comes from St Matthew’s Gospel.  So, why the difference?   The Holy Spirit, the ultimate author of Sacred Scripture, used the Gospel writers, to present the teachings of Jesus to various groups of people and to incorporate into their presentations an inspired understanding of the Jesus’ own words.  St Matthew wrote for Christians of Jewish origin while St Luke audience was of Christians of Gentile origin.  St Matthew emphasised that Jesus was the fulfilment of the Jewish Scriptures whereas St Luke wrote for people who knew very little or even nothing of the Jewish scriptures, but who had a deep understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit.  They all believed that the Holy Spirit called them to faith and sustained them just as He had called the people of so many nations to faith on Pentecost Sunday.   St Luke’s version recognises that true power is not to be found in an earthly empire and that true happiness is not to be found in possessions.  Let us pray that we might take steps away from materialism and into love, away from possessions into God’s Kingdom.   …ask and it will be given to you!

Readings for 17th Sunday

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