Corpus Christi

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for Corpus Christi

Let’s just take a look at the cross hanging above the altar.  Why is it there and not, for example, on a back wall?  Simply because when Jesus says, “Do this in remembrance of me,” and when I say that today, he is not talking about just the supper, but about what the Last Supper and this Holy Communion we share in today is all about. And it is about his death and resurrection, offered for us.  The most important thing about our Mass is not some isolated idea about transubstantiation and the bread and wine becoming his body and blood, though that is a major part of it, it is that through that and all else in the Mass, we are sharing in, participating in Jesus’ very death and resurrection.  His death 2000 years ago is an historical event, but what we have to grasp, to understand, is that it is not limited by history, our idea of time.  Every time we share in this Mass we are sharing in his death, or to put it better, in his offering himself out of love for us….

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