Fifth Sunday of Lent

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for 5th Sunday of Lent

There’s something about human beings that loves a bit of crowd action.  The emotion of being together for a common purpose.  You can see this at football games, the Queen’s Jubilee, (my days of Anti-National Front and anti-Murdoch demos back in the day,) and then possibly less positively depending on where you stand, waving soldiers off to war.  The negative side of this is that it doesn’t take much for the crowd to be whipped up by a demagogue, as in Germany in the 30s, or media influence, to go on the hunt for other humans.  The crowd becomes infected with a sort of perverted ‘righteous indignation’ that leads to the reverse of humane action.  In fact the crowd loses the humanity that many within it on their own would normally have expressed.  We get carried away…….

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