Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Deacon George’s Homily for 7th Sunday:  In today’s Gospel, it would appear at first sight that the demands that Christ makes on our love, are not easy.  To love our enemies is asking a great deal of us.  However, before we give up in despair let us look more closely at the demand that is made.  Before we can obey his demand, we must discover what this love means.  The Greeks have four words to describe love.  The Greek word: Eros, is the passionate love between man and woman.  Phileo, is the love that binds two people together, as in marriage, and in friendships.  Storgos is the love of parents and children, as in affection, and family ties.  But the love that Jesus means, is Agape, divine love.  The first three loves are natural and exist within all of us. Whilst Agape is a gift from God……

Complete Homily for 7th Sunday

Daily Prayers 7th Sunday

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