Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Deacon George’s Homily for 5th Sunday

We are all called by God. In both Matthew and Mark’s Gospel, we have the story of “the calling of Peter”. But in Luke’s Gospel, his story has the extra details of Jesus preaching to the crowds from Peter’s boat by the shore and the miraculous catch of fish. In Luke’s story, Peter is especially mentioned because Luke wants to stress Peter’s vocation and Peter’s recognition of Jesus, in the miracle of the fishes.  Jesus, having preached from Peter’s boat to the crowds, now tells Peter to row out into the deep part of the lake to fish. Now Peter knows that the best time to fish with a net is during the night, when the fish come close to the surface. Therefore, if the fish didn’t come near the surface that night then there is no chance that they will do so, during the day……

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