Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

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The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity continues until the 25th.  Follow the links for prayers and more information:

Fr Hugh’s Homily for 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

I have a problem this week because what I want to say includes next week’s gospel as well so I might have nothing to say next week, which you might think is not such a bad thing.  But what I want to think about is, if all is going so well in the gospel today, Jesus is standing up for the first time in the synagogue and all eyes are upon him (remember when his parents found him in the Temple and he is impressing the teachers there, much the same), why by the end of next week’s gospel are they trying to throw him off a cliff?  This is one reason I think.  There are some phrases in the gospels we hear regularly but I let them wash over me as they don’t seem part of the story, that important, and I am not quite sure what they mean.  And there is one of these at the end of today’s gospel…..

Complete Homily for 3rd Sunday

Readings for 3rd Sunday

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