Baptism of the Lord

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   Fr Hugh’s Homily for Baptism of the Lord

When I was first a priest I was sent up to Carlisle where we had a great parish priest called Greg Turner, who very much did things his own way.  When he had some people wanting to join the Church he would gather a group of parishioners to journey with them.  For some reason he always invited Joe, who spent most of his time putting people off the Church.  I think Joe was included as an additional hurdle you had to cross.  But one of the hurdles many people brought with them, and which I think many of us carry with us even as cradle Catholics sometimes, is how difficult it is to get into heaven.  Now, I am not ignoring the story of the camel passing through the eye of the needle, and I don’t think it is without difficulty.  But those difficulties are ones we bring ourselves.  So let me explain….

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