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Christmas & New Year Bulletin 2021

Fr Hugh’s Christmas Homily  2021

 It is a pretty exciting event.  I say this never having experienced it directly but was down in London baptizing a new great niece a while ago and it was a great moment.  (When you have to think, No, she is not a ‘niece,’ but a great niece, it makes you think!)  Above all it was a very joyful event, a family event.  And I know I am blessed to have such a family.  At the same time, however exciting it might be, a new baby comes with responsibilities and challenges, and especially if it is your first.  It can mean quite a rethink of your lives.  Many of you will have already experienced that.  Babies, children (however old) can have their ups and downs and that can challenge us at any time in our lives.  We accept this because we love them, often have to adjust our lives because of this love…..

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