Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for 27th Sunday

On Wednesday the whole school were here for Mass for the first time in a long time.  I chose the gospel we heard just now for them because I wanted to talk to them about Creation, with the theme of Harvest as well, but also about what happens the fruits of the Harvest.  The rich farmer and his barns is obviously not the way we are meant to go. The selfish hoarding of what we produce, whether it be petrol, toilet rolls or vaccines is again not the way we should be going as Christians, as we know.  We do have two problems I think in all this, one is seeing people in other parts of our world as our brothers and sisters.  In some ways that is natural.  We can see ourselves, our way of life, as very different to them.  The other is the natural desire to look after No.1.  It is fine to say ‘Do not by too much petrol’, but when we are worried about not getting to the shops or work (even if that worry is not always logical) then whatever else  is going on in our minds, we are pleased that we are at the front of the queue.  The same goes for other forms of hoarding.  ‘Well, at least I have enough.’…..

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