Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

When I tried to picture the disciples arguing among themselves on the road as to who is the greatest among them, somehow my mind moved to the recent government reshuffle.  Wondering what all the chatter was like among them, or about each other, as they waited, clutching their mobiles, for a call from the Prime Minister.  As he sacked someone did the Prime Minister say something equivalent to: ‘Anyone who wants to be first, must make themselves last of all and servant of all,’ as they headed for the back benches?  To be fair to our MPs I do think that a great many of them do want to serve, and the question of power is a tricky one for them, as their party needs to be ‘in power’ to put into effect what they want to do, but the temptation to personal power must be great for some, to go off the straight path.  As human beings most of us know what it is to lose our way at some time.  How we can begin well and then get diverted.  How jealousy can be, envy can be what ignites this in us, so we get the early story of Cain and Abel. How we can seek an escape from facing the world at times, which takes us into a world we never thought we would find ourselves in. How then do we then find our way back? …………

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