Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

From Monday 26th July the church will be open to the public all day

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Deacon Philip’s Homily for 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Impressed by the signs, a large crowd followed him.”  John’s Gospel overflows with symbols, images and signs that whisper, hint, or glimpse at a reality that is so real we cannot always understand, these signs are in order to deepen our awareness and widen our experiences.  Today’s miracle story has characteristics to other miracles in John’s Gospel, like the Wedding at Cana.  It shows the unlimited divine abundance of God’s power.  At the wedding feast Jesus did not change one, but six stone water jars into wine, which was more than enough, and it was the best wine the people had tasted.  In today’s gospel five loaves and two fish where a little boy sacrificed his meal were shared abundantly between 5000 men, which is not even counting the women and children.  And all were completely satisfied, and all had their fill….

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