Eleventh Sunday of Ordinary Time

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for Eleventh Sunday Ordinary Time

The fact that the G7 government leaders are meeting in Cornwall may not impinge much on our lives, unless you had booked a ‘staycation’ in St. Ives just now and everything is blocked off or booked up. There are plenty of pictures of Boris and Biden bumping elbows and protestors doing odd things, though I did like the image of the seven leaders made out of electronic gadget waste called ‘Mt. Recyclemore’ after Mt Rushmore. But by the time it is finished and everyone gets bogged down again in the politics of Northern Ireland (which are important, I am not belittling them) we may well prefer to turn to the Euros or whatever other escapism we like if you have not already.  However what those leaders do is important, but the results may never be clear. The two parables in today’s gospel have something to say about this, just as they do about the kingdom of God….

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