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Fr Hugh’s Homily for Corpus Christi

I was talking to a Methodist friend at the Chaplaincy in Lancaster one day as we were planning a joint service which we held alternately in each other’s chapels on occasions.  He asked me one day why when we were in the Catholic chapel it always had to be Mass.   Could we not do something different?  (Sr. Ella, who worked with me, once said to me (jokingly I might add), ‘The Methodist chaplain really has to work at his sermons, all you have to do is say Mass.’ But getting back to our discussion, I explained to him that for Catholics Mass was more than just a service, or even a memorial as we say at the consecration.  We believe we are taking a very real part in the event of the cross, of the sacrifice, that Jesus made himself.  At each Mass we join him in this offering of himself and ourselves together to the Father…..

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