The Most Holy Trinity

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for Trinity Sunday

Sitting in my office as a lawyer, various people could come through the door.  If it was the boss then that was usually not good news and I would not say I was actually cowering, but ready to take whatever reprimand was about to be delivered.  If it was a client, as the office was at the Elephant and Castle in London, I could expect anything; burglary, smuggling, mugging, housing problems, conveyancing, matrimonial or probate.  If it was matrimonial my heart sank as they never agreed on anything, criminals were the easiest as they usually knew the score.  Or it could be my secretary, a great woman from south London, or possibly the alcoholic temp who typed with cans of Carslberg Special Brew balanced on the type-writer and put bets on for us at the bookies and then we listened to the results, smoking as you could in offices then.  To each person who came through the door I responded in a different way, and yet it was still me.  And sometimes we use fairly easy metaphors like this to explain the different ways we meet God.  God can and will relate to us or come into our lives in different ways at different times……

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