Seventh Sunday of Easter

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for Seventh Sunday of Easter

Shakespeare always has a good take on history, often not very historical.  His version of Prince Hal and Falstaff, the carousing young prince with the drunken side-kick, may or may not be true to life.  But in the film, The King, what agonises the old king is whether he can really trust his son to run the country.  (Falstaff here gets a better presentation of himself in the film than the play.)  It is one of those classic story scenes where the parent hands on his work with great trepidation to his child or children, who either do well or don’t.  That is pretty much the setting of today’s first reading and gospel.  In the gospel Jesus is praying to his Father to look after the apostles, his children in a way.  Will they be able to carry on his work.  Jesus is sure that they can with the help he leaves behind, and yet there is a certain amount of almost anxiety in his prayer….

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