Sixth Sunday of Easter

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for Sixth Sunday of Easter

One evening in London in the 1980s I went off to watch Blackpool who were away to Brentford.  Not a part of London I usually visited.  It was after work so I was in my suit.  I got into the right stand but the Blackpool fans were corralled off to one side as they often were those days, and there were not that many of them anyway.  A small sea of tangerine.  A bit of a pond rather than a sea.  So to get in with the Blackpool fans I had to climb out of one part of the stand onto the ground to walk round, and I was promptly stopped by a large policeman.  ‘Where are you going, son?’  ‘I am Blackpool fan,’ I loyally announced.  He took one look at my suit, and my much more London accent at the time, but seeing I looked harmless said, ‘Rather you than me,’ letting me pass.  I think he assumed all away fans would be violent, especially from distant parts.  But in fact Blackpool were about to be relegated (often the way) and by the end (we lost 5-0) we were singing, ‘We’re going down, you’re not,’ in a very well-spirited way…..

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