Easter Sunday

Alleluia alleluia!  The Lord is risen!  Let the whole wide world rejoice, alleluia, alleluia!


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Fr Hugh’s Easter Sunday Homily

Baptisms have changed over the ages.  Sometimes it is a chilly dip in the river.  In the old days the mother was not there.  Today quite often it is part of a great family and friends’ party.  But the heart of it has not changed.  At some point water is poured over you.  A white garment is wrapped around you.  A candle is held by you, or for you by another.  And the words are always similar. As we wrap the white garment round the new Christian we say:  ‘Now you have become a new creation, you have put on Christ.’  There used to be a TV programme where people were taught to be someone completely different.  A bouncer or chef, dancer, or air steward.  But this is not like that.  When we put on Christ, we are not becoming different people, we are entering into what it is like to be truly ourselves…..

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Readings for Easter Sunday 2021