Second Sunday in Lent

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for 2nd Sunday in Lent

Did you know that this is London Fashion Week?  Apparently 5000 journalists turn up for this, or I guess, watch online this year.  Looking at the clothes, it is hard to see how, unless you were a model or a certain age and size, you would be able to wear much of it, but it makes a lot of money, so plenty of people must be interested.  I have to admit that I have never been at the height of fashion, unless somehow fashion has come round in full circle.  I don’t think my 70s velvet jacket that I was so proud of then has ever made it back though.  Yet what we wear is important to the extent that it says something about us, even if we do not realise it or want it to.  People judge us by it, and comment upon it.  Sometimes fairly, sometimes not.  Did you have to wear that?  Could you not have made a bit more effort?  Or, like my Mum, ‘I am not taking you to town in those trousers.’ (That was some years ago I have to say.)  All of these I have had said to me.  We can see whether people are interested in looking smart.  Does it matter?  In some cases it does, it is a matter of respect.  It shows that we have made an effort for them.  Then sometimes we wear clothes as a statement about ourselves, to make a point that this is me.  Perhaps as a protest.  So clothes can be important.  The Bible refers to Jesus’ clothes at certain important moments.  They become an outward expression of what is happening to him….

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