Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Holy Trinity and St George

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the 1690s Mary Wharton, a very young great heiress, was pulled out of her coach, abducted by a Scottish soldier and forcibly married.  His defence was that as this was allowed in Scotland so he thought it was all right in England. Strangely that bit of his defence worked.  But then aristocratic fathers got a bit fed up with daughters being carried off, so Lord Hardwick passed a law forbidding it in 1753, but it did not apply to Scotland hence Gretna Green and getting married over the anvil, which survived in a way until 1940.  Of course for the aristocracy marriage did not have a lot to do with love, it was mainly about money and land, about possessions and possession.  In his recent letter on St. Joseph, who is often called ‘chaste,’ Pope Francis redefines chastity.  He calls it ‘freedom from possessiveness’ in every sphere of one’s life.  Only when love is chaste, free of possessiveness, is it really love.  Then he goes on to say that this is how God loves us.  He loves us but lets us be free even to go astray, and even to set ourselves against him.  The Pope calls Joseph’s love just this, a loved of extraordinary freedom that never makes himself the centre of things….

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