The Baptism of the Lord

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

Walking through the National Gallery in London, as you turn into one room you are hit by the sight on the far wall of Piero della Francesca’s painting of Jesus’ baptism. It hangs alone, and though no one is looking out of the picture, directly at you, it seems to draw you to it. Remember that these artists were working for churches and Catholic leaders of society, and the painting had to hold a message, a gospel message. Just like a gospel, the painting was trying to teach the viewer about Jesus, if only because so many of the public could not read.  Jesus stands in the middle of the painting, John the Baptist to one side. Three angels are on the left, introducing us to the fact that God is directly involved here. Behind the two human figures is another young man, taking off his clothes, getting ready to be baptised. Showing us that Jesus was one among many…..

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Readings for The Baptism of the Lord

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