Second Sunday after Christmas

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for Second Sunday after Christmas

A great friend of mine used to love the King James Version of the Bible, and today’s Gospel especially, the Prologue.  It was more than the theology or the meaning, there was something about the language that he just loved listening to.  He felt that God was speaking to him though the beauty of the language.  This is the legacy to us of the translators at the beginning of the 17th century when King James asked for a new translation that would be fit for a new Britain, a new English-speaking people, and for what he saw as a new start for Christianity in Britain too.  Some people would say that the result was more than just translation, but in its own way inspired, along with Shakespeare’s writing at about the same time, to create a new English.  But most of all for the translators to renew people’s relationship with God.  To build a personal relationship with God through the Bible they could read and enjoy….

Complete Homily for 2nd Sunday of Christmas

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Readings for Second Sunday after Christmas

Daily Prayers 2nd Sunday after Christmas