The Holy Family

Download Bulletin 27th December 2020

Reposing, infant-like, as though…  Young couples have to consider redefining their lifestyles when a baby comes.  They want the baby to be brought up with the best they can offer, by being the best people they can be.  The birth of a child can bring out the best in any parent.  This is precisely what God has done for us through the birth of His Son.  With Jesus’ birth, our humanity is made sacred.  He has called us from living self-centred lives to living lives of compassion, peace and joy.  Jesus has transformed humanity, making humanity as He is: sacred.  Jesus’ birth ‘turns the world upside down’ it brings out the best in each of us when we accept and celebrate it in faith and love. The presence of a baby can re-form the self-centred into the self-less.  A baby calls his or her parents into a new holiness.  On the feast of the Holy Family we pray that we all may hear the cries of the Infant Jesus, calling us to reverence His presence in our own and in others’ humanity. And hear too His call to the holiness that is the heart of the Catholic family.  Thus making the family the very building block of society.  …On Joseph’s arms, on Mary’s knee!

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