Third Sunday of Advent

CHRISTMAS MASSES 2020….  If you have emailed the parish office or left a message on the answerphone and HAVE NOT HAD A RESPONSE please can you get in touch again to confirm we have you on a Christmas Mass list.  If you have had a confirmation email or response from either Fr Hugh or Kathryn then all will be well.  There are a few seats left for Midnight Mass and 11.30am Christmas Day.  Fr Hugh


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Fr Hugh’s Homily for the 3rd Sunday of Advent

Ten days ago I was up on Scout Scar on a beautiful day.  It was cool but there was a bright sun in a blue sky, the snow was on Coniston Old Man in one direction and the Howgills in another.  I walked past a couple and as usual said, ‘Morning’ expecting the usual terse ‘How do’ or ‘Cheers’ in response, only for the man to stop and say, ‘It really is a beautiful morning isn’t it.  When you see a view like this it is just good to be alive,’ and more in that vein.  Even though I felt that already, his enthusiasm was infectious, and made you stop again and look more carefully.  Somehow sharing it with someone made a difference, made it appear even more beautiful.  I have no idea whether he was religious or not, but there is something in all of us that responds to the beauty of Creation, and which becomes praise of God whether we intend it or not.  Someone gave me one of the Pope’s recent homilies for Advent, which was a bit of a challenge to my very rusty Italian.  His Italian is full of fun and clever word play, and one of his phrases was, ‘Per vivere, ma non vivachiare,’ which has a good ring to it.  Lots of ‘v’s. What it means is that we need to really live life, not settle for just ‘getting along’.  Every day, the Pope said, we are faced with choices, both about our daily lives and about life more long term, but the question that we should be asking, and that the Holy Spirit inspires us to ask, is not, ‘What should I do?’ but ‘What good should I do?’  That is the path of Christ and that is where we find our joy…..

Complete Homily for the 3rd Sunday of Advent 2020



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