First Sunday of Advent


Weekday Masses will commence on Thursday 3rd December at 12 noon.  Weekend Masses from Saturday 5th December:  Saturday 6pm, Sunday 10am & 6pm, and at Sedbergh, 12 noon.  Church is still open for private prayer:  10am–12.30pm Monday to Saturday,  2–4pm Sundays.


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Fr Hugh’s Homily for the First Sunday of Advent

Do you remember the first lockdown back in March. We were just getting used to the Covid 19 experience then, and just realising the many downsides; especially not being able to go and see elderly relatives, problems with employment and shopping and schooling, eating out and going to the pub, getting to the doctors. But at the same time, after a while, we began to see some of the benefits. Cleaner air, better views, quieter roads, but also much greater attention to each other, to the needs of neighbours who perhaps we had not really met. People doing shopping for each other. People really appreciating the work done by some of the caring services, some of whom were rarely thought of, even criticised, in the past. The clapping for the NHS for example.  And at the time we said, we really have to hang on to some of these things. If only we could be a bit like this when we get back to ordinary life. The ‘old’ normal, you might say.  But I am not sure that we have. I think we have forgotten that commitment. I think two things have changed. One is that we are tired of it. The pressure is getting to us, the worry about work and the like.  But at the same time we see an end in sight. Or we hope so. And once we see that, then we tend to think, “Soon I can get back to life as it was, to booking my summer holidays, to going out as I used to. And if we are not careful the old ‘I’ overtakes all those things that can make us ‘we’.  In a way, the gospel today is about this. It is about how we live our daily lives. How we live in the present….

Complete Homily for the First Sunday of Advent

Readings for 1st Sunday of Advent

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