Christ the King

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for Christ the King

If you were asked what today’s gospel is about you would have to say, ‘Judgement’. Not a comfortable topic really.  It is no fun being judged nor it is easy to judge (done properly).  Early days of being judged stick in my mind.  Stood on the playground or football pitch knowing that you have no skills, are not fast, a bit podgy, cannot see too well, and not at all without your glasses, and the popular sporty lads are choosing the teams.  You adjust to being one of the last one’s standing waiting, but of course you get over it, or don’t.  Or on the rugby pitch are chosen to be cannonfodder for the 4th Fifteen team to boot about (there being no 5th Fifteen for us) though we took a sort of pride in being the cannonfodder team.  But then judging comes with its difficulties too.  One or two stints at the Primary School judging  the talent contest, ‘Deanie’s Got Talent,’ and you soon realise it is not just about talent, but there are a lot of other factors to consider if you are to escape the night unscathed (which is actually impossible).  So a fair judgement on our lives, the sporty and unsporty,  all of us equally, takes more than a human judge.  It takes one who loves us, has the authority to do so (hence the name Christ the King as that was always a position of supreme authority in the old days), and it takes someone who can see us all as a whole, hence the title Universal too.  Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King….

Complete Homily for Christ the King

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