Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for Thirty Third Sunday

Sr. Ella, the Salesian sister who used to work with me at the University, and I were sitting in the Chaplaincy one day and a very distraught young female student came in, who we both knew, in floods of tears.  Bravely, I decided to delegate this to Sr. Ella and went to my office next door but could hear that the problem was her boyfriend had dumped her and what should she do.  Sr. Ella’s response was, “Don’t you go chasing after any of those boys, you are far too good for that.  Man is the hunter, let him hunt.  Don’t you go chasing after them, it’s his loss.”  You might not approve of Sr. Ella’s answer, but it made the young woman laugh.  And it explains today’s first reading, which is about chasing a woman.  This woman in particular in the reading is Wisdom.  The Book of Proverbs often describes Wisdom as a woman, and much of her role we see as the Holy Spirit in the New Testament.  Wisdom is that quality of God that enables us to be more like God, to live as God hopes, to be with God.  Not a part of a Trinity, but an agent of God in Creation and in the lives of God’s people….

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Readings for 33rd Sunday

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