Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Fr Hugh’s Homily 

I don’t know why, but we have only one name in the church of a soldier who died in the First World War.  There must have been more, but only Private Robert Williams is on the wall.  Every year the family still remember him with a Mass and in other ways.  There is nothing remarkable about him as soldiers go.  No VC, no medals, no mention in despatches.  In fact he was not right at the front when he died but killed by a bomb in Zuydcoote near Dunkirk, in 1917.  He was an ordinary soldier.  He was in the Medical Corps, an orderly in the Sergeants’ Mess, always cheerful apparently and he used to cut hair for the others and do shaves, those were his gifts.  You could fill the wall with names, some no doubt much better known even famous, but just to have his name is somehow fine.  He represents so many ordinary people for us……

Complete Homily for Remembrance Sunday 2020

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Readings for 32nd Sunday

Daily Prayers Week 32

INDEPENDENT INQUIRY INTO CHILD ABUSE (IICSA):  On Tuesday 10th November, IICSA will publish its report into the Catholic Church in England and Wales. Whilst the Church with its different dioceses and religious orders will be the focus of the report, our hearts go out to anyone who has suffered abuse in a Church setting.  To read more please click on the link      IICSA REPORT