Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Fr Hugh’s Homily for 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Great answers from Year 4 at school about, ‘Who is my neighbour?’  The person sitting next to me, the person across the room.  The people living next door. The people in our block (of flats).  Bit by bit expanding their thoughts on who their neighbour is.  Plus the fact that of all the countries they came up with in Africa, one was Madagascar, which, whether they were thinking of the film or not, was pretty impressive.  How far are we ready to expand our idea of who is my neighbour, not just theoretically but lived in our lives?  The children also new all the details of ‘The Good Samaritan,’ which is the parable Luke uses to complete this passage of Matthew’s in today’s gospel. They knew he was an outcast and an enemy (in their words) of the Jews.  Their knowledge was impressive. It is also this parable that Pope Francis examines in his latest letter ‘Fratelli tutti…’ which I was talking about last week.  In 1977 the Bee Gees were asking, ‘How deep is your love,’ Jesus and Pope Francis are asking ‘how broad is your love?’  One of the points that the Bible starts from is, ‘Do you remember when you needed love?’  Will you forget this when dealing with others who need yours? …..

Complete Homily for 30th Sunday

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