Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Sunday 18th October is World Mission Sunday.  Missio, the Holy Father’s charity for world mission, helps Churches too poor or too young to support themselves.  Your support will make a difference to struggling communities throughout the world and help missionaries work alongside communities that are poor or in need, regardless of their background or belief.  You can donate through the website


Fr Hugh’s Homily for 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time:

St. Francis going to meet the Sultan of Egypt in an attempt to make peace

The gospel is again about discipleship.  How should Christians live their faith in this world? So let’s begin by asking the question that the gospel figures are facing in their time.  What would you do if you lived in an occupied country?  Would you collaborate?  We British have sometimes been pretty scornful of the French level of collaboration in the 1940s.  But then books like SS-GB and Fatherland have all tried to be realistic about what it would have meant for us.  The film ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ does the same thing.  Most of us are not that brave, so how do you survive and how do you keep your pride?…..

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Readings for 29th Sunday

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