Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin 13th September 2020

Homily for 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Today’s gospel is a parable on forgiveness and debt.  What about one for our own time?  “A rich man with lots of money, we could say he was a man who ran a bank, had so much money he just needed to make more.  So he looked around for people to lend it to at good interest rates so that he would get wealthier.  A found a few dictators of very poor countries who said, ‘Lend me money and you can have all my people’s wealth.’  So he did and all went well until the dictators were thrown out, and had to flee to the South of France with all the money, and the people refused to pay.  But a very powerful World Bank demanded they pay, and so the poor country got poorer and the rich richer.  Then the rich man found another group of very poor people in his own country who wanted to buy their own houses and it looked such a good source of money that he leant so much money even he could did not have enough, so he borrowed more money to lend even more, and that made him even richer. 

Homily for 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time


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Readings for 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Daily Prayers Week 24