Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Homily by Fr Hugh

King George VI steps up to the microphone and the whole of the FA Cup crowd are waiting to hear the new king, and, of course, he can barely get two words out due to his stutter, and people begin to whisper and then talk loudly.  In the king’s eyes it is an embarrassing disaster and he knew it was going to be, yet he did it.  This is the most used scene as a trailer for ‘The King’s Speech.’ Earlier in the film we see the horror on his face when he realises all his worst fears have come true.  He and his family are dragged from their quiet life because the abdication of his brother forces him, out of duty, to become king.  He and his wife go on to become famous for their roles during the Second World War.  Jeremiah is trying to express the same sentiments in the first reading.  The last thing he wants to do is become a prophet. Partly because he has a comfortable life as it is, and partly because he knows that prophets rarely come to a good end.  Jesus himself, 500 years later, shouts at the Chief Priests and the scribes for the way in which they have treated prophets in the past. Why are the prophets so unpopular?  Because it is their job to challenge the people to follow the way of God, to turn back to God…..  

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Readings for 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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