Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time

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keystokingdomHomily by Fr Hugh

You may have noticed that most parish priests tend to think they are infallible at times, if not always.  Of course events have shown otherwise, but the temptation to make what you think are definitive, final, statements about things is attractive.  I am sure some parents hope their declarations will be treated as infallible, for example when they are grounding someone.  The Church’s answer to grounding was to exclude people.  The teachings of the Councils always ended by saying “You must follow these or be declared ‘Anathema sit.’”  You were unholy, excluded.  Why did it think it could, can say that, exclude people, make infallible statements? In what circumstances?  This gospel has a lot to do with it. In today’s gospel Jesus gives Peter amazing powers; so it seems. He calls him his Rock, and that is a big thing as all through the psalms God is referred to as ‘our rock, our refuge and stronghold.’  ‘Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.’  So is Jesus creating some sort of dictator here?  You would not expect it and it isn’t so….

Homily for 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time


The Mass has been pre-recorded for the Livestream and it will be available on the parish YouTube channel from 9.30am on Sunday.  To watch the Livestream go to CLICK HERE FOR LIVESTREAM ON YOUTUBE at the top of this website. The parish YouTube channel will appear then click on the Sunday 10am Mass 23rd August 2020 video.

Readings for 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

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